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Signs in English letters and Chinese characters through the simple and concisely artistic creative design, specification combination. As a whole rather than failure of a solid sense of poise, very international style.

i mission is in English with the mission of the simplified ideal combination. ideal ideal means an ideal, mission means that mission, made by the ideal to simplify the English "i" means "I" mean.  Angshi Group has lofty ideals and a deep sense of mission, each one Angshi people are even more courage to pursue our ideals, spirit of daring to play the mission. 

Dark green with light green color logo Composition and evergreen pines and cypresses and other characteristics of plant growth is consistent, it means beyond the enterprise innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, Yong-qing  Stable dark green, light green and lively, reflecting the enterprise and innovation simultaneously rational and harmonious development of the business philosophy. 

Angshi people, the "customers, consumers and more exciting life," as its mission.  To the realization of your ideal life, as their mission.  Gung ho the future, and continuous business development and industrial progress of writing a new chapter.