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Angshi Industry
  • Rushan Huanyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Rushan Huanyu Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in October 26, 2000. It is located in Rushankou Industrial Park, Rushan, Weihai, where is the traffic center of Rushan City. It is 90km away to Yantai in the north, 100km away to Weihai in the northeast and 150km away to Qingdao in the southwest. It connects to the three cities by expressways. It has convenient traffic conditions and favorable geographical location.【MORE】

  • Weihai Huanyu Packaging Co., Ltd.

    The company has more than 200 employees, including 4 production technology engineers, 20 production and technical personnel. The company has more than 100 packaging equipments, 5,000m2 100,000-level purification plant, equipment investment of RMB 10 million Yuan. It is currently the largest pharmaceutical packaging materials production base in north China..【MORE】

  • Rushan Dayang Silica Gel Plant

    Rushan Dayang Silica Gel Plant is 3.5km away to Rushan downtown in the south. It adjoins to Yantai in the north, Qingdao in the west, the Yellow Sea in the south. It has good traffic and water and power facilities. It is the professional producer of PSA Silica gel with high CO2 adsorption capacity.【MORE】

  • Weihai Angshi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    Rushan City is located in the heart of the East Asian Economic Circle. Shandong Peninsula is located in the center of South Korea, Japan and Yangtze River Basin Economic Belt with Pudong as the leading. Rushan has very convenient traffic to and neighboring countries and regions. Both the sea traffic and land traffic are very advantageous. Around it, there are three airports in Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai to Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo within 2-hour voyage. Its location is extremely advantageous.【MORE】

  • Weihai Huanyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Weihai Huanyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located at the south of Qingshan Road (Rushankou Industrial Park). It adheres to be the first-class professional standards, first-class professionalism, first-class sense of service, diligent and meticulous work attitude for customer service. It focuses on quality and innovation to provide consumers with high-quality and classic brand products.【MORE】