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Business Philosophy

Employee Behavior Principle:

Work hard to find way toward success, but not to find an excuse for failure.

Two survival ideas

Learning philosophy: refuse to learn = refuse to work. 

Crisis concept: Today is cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow may be better, but most may die at tomorrow night.

Management Philosophy:

Operating principles: energy saving, environmental protection, product safety, customer satisfaction, enterprise value.

Investment philosophy: high focus, wide vision, exact budget.

Innovation ideas: demand inspires innovation, innovation guides demand.

Quality concept: only one word - standard.

Cost concept: the cost decides the success or failure in the market competition environment,.

Team concept: 1 +1> 2

Ang Shi


Proudly self-possessed: swagger, they dress.

Proudly: upright, to step forward.

Head held high, days things: looking at the sky, the emotional flying.

Ang Xiao-Song sink: ambition high, broad mind.


With disabilities are not made by government, then missing the world's expensive.

"Self-cultivation, regulating the family, ruling the state and the world" is trained as a lifetime stick to the Road.

Shi, or implicitly, whether scholars have had to follow, forge ahead of the positive values of life joining the WTO.

"Xunzi. Rough," said: "The scholars of non-Bi Shi, and Shi-who must learn to know", then right Chushi made a clear request.

Second, the mission

No good faith no responsibility

No responsibility is not an ideal

Without ideals there is no power

No incentive there would be no innovation

Did not go beyond there would be no future

In good faith, responsibility, vision, power, innovation, beyond the future ------ From a mission-driven enterprises.

Third, the ideal

"A nation is only concerned with where things that have no future; a nation concerned about the sky, there are some people who have hope."

Premier Wen Jiabao (May 14, 2007, Tongji University speech sentence)

Angshi people "to take consumers to a more exciting life mission; take on the joint development of the mission of upstream and downstream enterprises; shoulder employee personal growth and achievement of the mission; take for society to create green value of the mission."

A mission-driven enterprise - Angshi doomed to have their own Star.


"Jesus Christ who did not do enough to seek a moment; did not do a whole less than those who seek a field."

Based Rushan, Angshi human feet on the ground to outline ambitious blueprint for good Angshi everywhere small strokes; look at the country, Angshi powerful enterprise in the national road towards advancing with head held high; mind the world, Angshi were firm and persistent Shaping the Angshi in this inevitable in the near future, the world's famous brands.